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“ASCO Logistics” LLC


“Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” CJSC includes also “ASCO Logistics” LLC in addition to transport and specialized fleet.
Main activities of “ASCO Logistics” LLC:
– to ensure “Door-to-door” transportation of various cargos, in other words transportation from source point to destination point safely and within a short period, as well as offloading, storage and packaging of cargos in interim and other points benefiting from the capabilities of all types of transport;
– offer consignors the most optimum route for freights, to provide advice with regard to choice of transport and other issues;
– documentation and accompanying services required during freights, including customs clearance, insurance, shipping agent, transport, forwarding and other services provision.


Tel.: +994 12 404 37 41

Tel.: +994 50 243 91 83