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Sustainability Policy


The objective of the Policy:

Ensuring the key business and commercial activities, including environmental protection, efficient use of limited resources, full integration of sustainable development principles into the overall value chain, implementation of corporate social responsibility, as well as, providing society and shareholder with long-term benefits in accordance with sustainability principles.

Scope of the Policy:

The Company`s Sustainable Development Policy covers all structural units of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Closed Joint-Stock Company, all types of its commercial and non-commercial activities, as well as relations with all direct and indirect stakeholders, both domestic and foreign.

Our sustainable development goals:

We have set a goal to follow the principles of sustainable development throughout our value chain.  We understand the importance of the nature and human capital in our activities and minimizing any potential negative impact in this area is our continuous long-term goal.

Our sustainable development principles:

ASCO Sustainable Development Policy covers three aspects including environmental, social and economic.




Our sustainable development principles in environmental aspect:

Our sustainable development principles in social aspect:

Our sustainable development principles in economic aspect:

  • Environmental protection
  • Prevention of accidents
  • Effective management of waste and emissions
  • Minimizing negative anthropogenic effects on ecosystems
  • Preserving Biodiversity
  • Effective use of clean and drinking water resources
  • Saving energy resources
  • Organizing activity in accordance with international standards
  • Implementation of more environmentally friendly and advanced techniques and technologies by supporting innovations in the field of environmental protection.
  • Effective management of human resources
  • Ensuring health and occupational safety 
  • Ensuring transparency
  • Generating equal opportunities
  • Continuous improvement of personnel welfare
  • Training and education
  • Training personnel who stand ready for modern challenges
  • Propagation of the seafaring profession in the country
  • Ensuring freedom of speech, free expression of opinion and approach
  • Forming an inclusive team
  • Adoption of fair decisions
  • Ensuring human rights and freedoms
  • Business ethics
  • Providing welfare assistance to orphans, low-income families, refugees and internally displaced persons, as well as people with disabilities
  • Supporting youth
  • Supporting various social projects in the country
  • Strengthening personnel satisfaction and commitment to the Shipping Company.
  • Creating a long-term economic value for the benefit of shareholders and society
  • Establishing of a modern shipping company which operates efficiently and ensures sustainable development
  • Implementation of the international corporate governance system
  • Continuous renewal of the fleet
  • Providing high quality services
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining the reputation of a reliable partner
  • Cost optimization and elimination of overhead costs
  • Effective use of revenues
  • Effective risk management
  • Expansion and diversification of business activities
  • Supporting local suppliers, local production and services