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"ASCO Nagliyyat" LLC

"ASCO Nagliyyat" Limited Liability Company was incorporated as a result of the reorganization of "ASCO Nagliyyat" LLC by merging "ASCO Logistics" LLC and "ASCO Muhafize" LLC into "ASCO Nagliyyat" LLC in accordance with the decision of the Supervisory Board of "Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping" CJSC.

"ASCO Nagliyyat" LLC is the legal successor of "ASCO Logistics" LLC, "ASCO Muhafize" LLC and the former "ASCO Nagliyyat" LLC.

The key business lines of the Company include:

providing all types of motor transport services, supplying vehicles and specialized equipment for the economic and production activities of the founder, their subsidiaries, and organizations;

transportation of passengers and cargo by motor transport for the economic needs of the founder, their subsidiaries, and organizations;

carrying out various production tasks using specialized equipment;

forecasting the needs of the founder, their subsidiaries, and organizations for automotive and other transportation services, as well as for tasks performed using specialized equipment, and taking measures to meet these needs;

providing technical maintenance, supply, and repair of motor vehicles and specialized equipment owned by the company, as well as those belonging to third parties, whether in the company's inventory or in use;

provision of various types of transport services to external legal entities and individuals;

organizing safe, fast, and efficient transportation of goods of various purposes from the point of origin to the destination using various modes of transport, as well as arranging unloading, storage, packaging, and labeling of goods at intermediate and other points, and providing other services;

consulting shippers and other clients on optimal transportation routes, selecting the mode of transport, packaging, and other aspects of transporting cargo from one point to another;

providing documentation and support services necessary for cargo transportation, including customs clearance, insurance, ship agency services, and other forms of support;

providing various other transportation and forwarding services;

organizing surveillance and security services for entrusted objects of all kinds;

ensuring that access control and internal security procedures are followed at secured premises in accordance with established rules approved by the founder, and actively monitoring compliance with these regulations;

offering services for designing, installing, and maintaining security alarm equipment at controlled facilities.