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“Yaxcht Club” LLC

The purpose of establishing the “Yacht Club” Limited Liability Company is to organize the sailing championships, ensure the activities of hotels, restaurants, cafes and recreation parks on the balance sheet of or transferred to the use (management) of the Company, as well as to provide hotel and catering services and manage mass events.

The key scope of activities of the LLC are the followings:

  • provision of sailing services, as well as various types of services in hotels, restaurants, cafes, recreation parks at the rates (prices) approved by the founder as prescribed by respective procedures;
  • ensure the development of sailing sports, management of sailing boats (boats, sailing yachts, etc.) and provision of maintenance services (including the services associated with mooring);
  • ensure the development of sailing, the management of sailing vessels (boats, sailing yachts, etc.) and their maintenance (including in connection with mooring);
  • setup tourism projects in sailing, arrange trainings for this type of sport;
  • the provision of hotel services and management of hotels in line with the up-to-date requirements;
  • arrange and hold mass cultural events, competitions and exhibitions, as well as the provision of services;
  • management of catering facilities and arranging associated services in accordance with international standards and applicable regulations;
  • Arranging entertainment programs and leisure activities, in view of safety and applicable regulations, in facilities that are on the balance sheet (disposal) of the Company.