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Azerbaijan State Marine Academy

The foundation of maritime education in Azerbaijan has been laid in November, 1881. In 1902, Baku Far-Reaching Voyages School was established on the basis of marine classes. Later, this educational institution, acting as the Baku Maritime College, was renamed Baku Sea Routes School since 1944. In 1996, by Decree No. 91 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic, dated July 15, 1996, Azerbaijan State Marine Academy was established on the basis of Baku Sea Roads School.

The Academy has 3 faculties and 16 departments:

“Marine Engineering and Technology” Faculty:

For Bachelor Degree:
• “Shipbuilding and Ship Repair”

• “Marine Power Plants Operation”

• “Transport Construction Engineering”

For Master’s Degree:
• “Marine Engineering and Technology Engineering”

• “Marine Facilities and Equipment Operations”

“Navigation Management” Faculty:

For Bachelor Degree:
• “Navigation”

• “Transportation and Management Arrangements” (for Water Transportations)

• “Transportation Service”

• “Management”

For Master’s Degree:
• “Transportation and Management Arrangements” (for Water Transportations)
• “Navigation Management”

“Electrical Machinery and Radio electronics” Faculty:

For Bachelor Degree:
• “Electrical Systems”

• “Radio electronic appliances and telecommunication systems ”

• “Ship’s Automated Systems”

For Master’s Degree:
• “Electrical Systems”
• “Ship’s Automated Systems”

The Academy employs 96 professors and teaching staff, including 10 doctor of sciences and professors, 20  candidates of sciences and assistant professors, 35 teachers and 31 assistants.

By Resolution No. 235 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic, dated 14.12.2010, the Doctoral Programme for the following specialties has been launched in ASMA:
• “Ship’s Equipment”

• “Marine Transport Operation and Navigation”

• “Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Technology”

In recent years, 11 doctoral students and 3 dissertators have been accepted for these specialties.

Experience plays an important role in formation of students as professional specialists. Therefore, special attention is paid to their studies on ships, production and sailing practices. In the Marine Academy, improvement of learning and its relation with science and industry are under attention. For this purposes there are the Scientific Research Department and Student Scientific Society in the Academy.

Azerbaijan State Marine Academy is recognized by the International Maritime Organization, by its initiative has been included in the world higher marine education system. The ASMA has cooperation with higher marine schools in CIS and other foreign countries and is a member to the Scientific-Methodical Council under the Admiral Makarov Naval Academy in St. Petersburg. Diplomas and certificates of Azerbaijan State Marine Academy are recognized internationally.

Rector: Heydar Asadov

Address: 18, Z. Aliyeva str., AZ1000, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic

Phone: (+99412) 493 75 21, 493 09 63

Fax: (+99412) 493 75 21

E-mail: akademiya@adda.edu.az