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Port and Agent Services

Port and Agent Services

ACSC owns “Zygh” dry port facility. The main objective of this Port facility is the organisation, operation and management of port activities by applying advanced techniques and technologies, providing high-level services to local and foreign shipping companies, carrying out cargo handling operations, serving passengers and vessels, as well as, other relevant port services.

“Inflot” Marine Agency is engaged in performing various documentation and clearances services on arrival, staying and departure of vessels at sea ports of Azerbaijan, representation of ship owners, freighters or other parties operating vessels on a legal basis in relevant body or organisations and carrying of financial operations on behalf of them.


Director: Samir Humbatov

Contact: (012) 404-38-64 (int. 3101)

E-Mail: samir.humbatov@asco.az


Head of Economics and Accounting Department: Umman Mirkishiyev

Contact: (012 ) 404-38-67 (daxili  3105)

E-Mail: umman.mirkishiyev@asco.az