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Xezerdenizlayihe ETI


“Xezerdenizlayihe ETI”, which has been operational since 1930, made a significant contribution to the development of ferry transport. Based on designs of the Institute, ferry complexes in Baku, Turkmenbashi and Bekdash ports, Vanino – Kholmsk, Illchevsk – Varna (Ukraine – Bulgaria), Klaipeda – Mukran (Lithuania – Germany) connecting Sakhalin island to the continent were built. Besides, staff of the Institute has been involved in research and design works in Syria, Libya, Iran, Bulgaria and Afghanistan in different years. Currently, new ships for Caspian Sea Oil Fleet are being designed in the Institute. The Institute is successfully designing the supply boat of 300 kWt power, diving boat for working in deep sea waters up to 60 m and passenger boats for 70 persons to transport personnel to coastal offshore facilities.

Compliance with the latest technologies is given particular attention when designing ships. New software is introduced in the institute where designs are printed in 3D format. “SEA SOLUTION” (shapes the mathematical model in 3D format for surfaces of designed ships), “SEA Hydro” (sets out hydrostatic characteristics and sustainability of designed ships), “EBrus” (ensures the calculation of the strength of structure of designed ships), “CADMATIC” (shapes the model of ship in 3D format and allows for the preparation of technical documents required for building a ship) are among the introduced programs.

In addition, staff of the Institute is involved in preparation of design-estimation documents for designing and repair of coastal hydro-technical facilities.

The Institute owns appropriate documents issued by State Marine Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping, Azerbaijan Maritime Registry of Shipping, as well as licenses of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan necessary to design building and facilities for which construction requires a permit and a notification.