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Study Abroad Program

According to the priority fields of the ASCO activities, the “Guidelines on the Scholarship Program for the Study Education Abroad of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Closed Joint Stock Company” was approved and the Scholarship Program Commission established by Order No. 181, dated November 16, 2017, issued by ASCO for the purposes of training of highly qualified personnel at the prestigious institutions of higher education of the foreign countries meeting the requirements of modern standards for relevant specialities. ASCO is funding the undergraduate and postgraduate education of young people within the framework of the Scholarship Program. The list of overseas universities and important specialties is drafted by the Scholarship Program Commission while taking into account the priority fields in line with its associated with the areas of activity of ASCO and the list becomes effective after being approved by ASCO Chairman. The education at the institutions of higher education, in specialities and education levels exclusively listed on the approved list, shall be funded under the Scholarship Program. Post-graduate and doctoral studies, including presessional education programs, shall not be funded under the Scholarship Program. The election of the grant – holders under the Scholarship Program shall be conducted by means of competition. Under the Scholarship Program, young people who have graduated from the Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy or the Azerbaijan Maritime College under the Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy may participate in the competition. In exceptional circumstances and in case of special needs, alumni of other institutions of higher education, as well as young people with a secondary level of education may participate in such competitions by consent of the ASCO Chairman. Competition under the Scholarship Program shall be announced on the ASCO official website (or, if necessary, on other media), and the competition requirements are published in the announcement.