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Call Center

Landline number of the Call center: (012) 404-39-00

The Call center of the “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” Closed Joint Stock Company is a special way to receive information from the Company’s employees and other concerned persons about i) suspicions on compliance with law and ethics related to the activities of the Company’s officers and other persons, ii) justified suspicions on non-compliance with business ethics and relevant internal anti-corruption rules of the Company, as well as iii) other breaches that might cause harm to the Company or its employees or damage their goodwill.

Calls to the Call center are received by the person in charge during the working hours (09.00-18.00). Calls made after the working hours are automatically recorded on the voicemail of the Call center.

Callers will be requested to provide information about the location, and a short description of the alleged breach, the potential culprit or related person, as well as information about the position, name and surname of the person who is aware of the breach or of the person who can confirm the breach. This will allow timely investigation of the information. The person providing the information shall not hide his/her identity and shall provide his/her contact details if he/she is interested in the results of the investigation and measures taken. The Company shall, within its authority and competence, ensure confidentiality of the caller and the information provided by him/her.

It is forbidden to use the Call center for the purposes of willful dissemination of wrong information, defamation and other information, revenge and animosity, attainment of personal interests contrary to the goals of the Company, complaints about domestic and human resources problems, as well as for the purposes of obtaining psychological support for stressful or difficult situations, threatening and humiliation of the Company’s employees or their lives and health, dissemination of marketing information, directing information not connected to the operation of the Company and other purposes outside the remit of the Call center.

Where the information is provided to the Call center anonymously, such information may not be investigated due to the Call center’s inability to authenticate the received information and to establish, in the future, contact with the person who has provided such information.