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Renovation of the Shipping Company’s Caspian Sea Oil Fleet goes on successfully

The development of Caspian Sea Oil Fleet, which was established in 1949, has always been at the centre of attention of National Leader Heydar Aliyev in the years of his governance during both Soviet Union and independence time. At the very personal initiative of the National Leader more than 400 heavy lift vessels, pipe-laying vessels and other vessels of 75 types were included into Oil fleet only in 1975-1980s. Thereby, a solid foundation was laid for the largest and unique specialised fleet in the Caspian Sea.

A new oil strategy, which was established through the indomitable will of the National Leader and skilfully continued by his worthy successor, has opened up new horizons for the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet. So that, services of the exploration lift, supply and tug vessels of the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet started to be used widely in the implementation of the crucial works stipulated within the frames of “the Contract of the Century”, and new vessels joined the fleet.  New “Gubadli”, “Mardakan”, “Shuvalan” and other tug and supply vessels, which have been included in the balance of the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet of “ACSC” CJSC recently, are the proofs of the special attention of the head of the state to this field.

Recently, another vessel has been included in the balance of the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet of “ACSC” CJSC.

Tug and supply vessel called “Zira” is intended to be used for the delivery of different types of cargo to the sea platforms and towing operations.

Tug and supply vessel has a large deck and cargo tank for receiving fuel, drinking water, drilling products, dry cargo, container, pipes and similar cargo.

Its length is 60 meters, the width 16 meters, the speed 13, the deadweight of the sailing vessel 1700, and the traction force is 75 tonnes.

“Zira” has been equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment, including DP1 durability system. Its technical characteristics allow performing loading and unloading operations safely without mooring at the offshore platform in inclement weather conditions. Modern fire-fighting equipment installed in the vessel allows for initial intervention in case of a fire at sea.

It should be mentioned that, Shipping Company will further continue measures for modernisation and strengthening of its fleets.

It is also noteworthy that “ACSC” CJSC occupies a leading position in terms of the number of the vessels within transport and specialised marine fleet in the Caspian Sea, currently.