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The Shipping Company selected three more sailors for an internship on the ships of an international company

Pursuant to the agreement signed between “Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd” and Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company, three more seafarers have been selected for internship in the vessels of “Columbia Shipmanagement” Company.

Emin Pashayev is one of them, who is currently working as the third assistant to Captain in Transportation Fleet, The another two – Parviz Karimli and Yusif Talibov are this year’s graduates of Azerbaijan State Marine Academy in “Marine navigation engineering”.

Before departing, the sailors met with Rauf Valiyev, the chairman of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company. The Chairman emphasized that there is a need for young professionals who absorbed skills and competences as required by international standards, and wished them good luck in the upcoming internship.

Young specialists expressed their gratitude to the leadership of the Shipping Company for their attention, care and support.

Emin Pashayev and Yusif Talibov will attend a three-month internship in the Cape Tallin (safe load capacity – 42010 tons, deadweight – 73711 tons), and Parviz Kerimli on the Cape Daly (safe load capacity – 8278 tons, deadweight – 12755 tons) . During the internship, they will work on the ships of famous shipping companies together with the crew containing representatives of different countries. It will help them to get to know the principle of the operation of large vessels while also visiting the largest ports of the world.

The process of selection of the candidates was undertaken by the representatives of ACSC and “Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd” based on a special criteria. Professionality, working principle and foreign language skills were given particular emphasis during the selection.

Pursuant to the agreement executed between “Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd” and Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company, 20 staff members of the Company are expected to participate in this project within a year. Earlier, two staff members of the Shipping Company – Orkhan Hasanov and Tural Aliyev have successfully completed their participation in the project.

The “Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd” is one of the world’s leading companies with over 30 years of experience in areas such as protecting human life at sea, performing operations for the safe transport of goods, as well as managing the crew of the vessel. The company has representative offices in a number of countries around the world. The Company directs more than 1500 ships, of which 500 is owned by the company, while the rest belong to companies from different countries.