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Production Services Department

The activity of Production Services Department covers different kinds of production services including transportation, repair-construction, security, food supply, sewing services for “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” CJSC and its affiliates.

This Department implements provision of all the production units of ASCO with means of transportation, and timely and quality repair of above mentioned means for his purpose, maintenance of those means, inspection of facilities prior to repair, development of checklists and cost estimates, preparation of actual and progressive plans for construction, commissioning of main production funds, development of technical requirements for design of construction and repair facilities and their approval by related authorities and security services.

The Production Services Department includes Construction-Installation and Transportation divisions, Security Service Division, Sailing Boat Sport Complex, Food Supply Base and Sewing Site.

Chief: Faig Khalilov

Address: Zigh highway, 2236, AZ1027, Baku

Phone: (+994 12) 404 38 00

E-mail: ixi@asco.az