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The vessels of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company have successfully completed their mission at the “Filanovski” oilfield

Towing vessel “Yarnega”, owned by Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company and lift vessel “Gurban Abbasov” expolited by Shipping Company in alliance with Caspian Marine Services (CMS) successfully completed their missions in “Filanovski” oil field in the Russian sector of the Caspian Sea, where they have been involved in the second stage of the works under contract with the company “Voltar Marine”.

Within this project, lift vessel “Gurban Abbasov” with a safe load capacity of 600 tons will be involved in the installation of platform jacket in the field, while the “Yarenga”, a supply – towing vessel will be used for anchoring operatioons.

It is worth to add that at the first stage of the project, a total of 25957 cubic meters of dredging works were carried out by the vessels of CJSC Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company. A dredging vessel (“Engineer Balarza Mammadov”), three soil transportation ships (“Bakinskaya 3”, “Bakinskaya 5”, “Bakinskaya 6”) and supply-towing vessel “Yarenga” were involved in the implementation of the dredging project.

All the health, safety and environmental protection (HSE) procedures were followed during the implementation of the project and no negative incident has happened in the course of the work.

Company’s active involvement in large- scale projects is a valuable contribution to increase foreign capital inflow into the country. This involvement is particular important in terms of developing cooperation and gaining international experience.

We should note that the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company provides services in support of oil and gas production processes in the Caspian Sea, including construction of offshore bases, racks, oil and gas pipelines, geological exploration services, etc. The fleet includes specialized vessels of various types, which help the Shipping Company to become one of the unique companies around the globe which provides many different types of services.