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The upper module of the "Azeri-Central-Eastern" platform was loaded onto the "STB-1" barge owned by ASCO

The upper module of the "Azeri-Central-Eastern" (ACE) platform, built in the "ATA ("Amec"-"Tekfen"-"Azfen") yard", was loaded onto the "STB-1" barge of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping CJSC (ASCO) with the aim of being delivered to its operational site at sea

The loading process of the installation onto the barge was safely executed.

The upper module of the ACE platform weighs 19,600 tons and measures 36 meters in height. In this regard, ASCO's barge "STB-1" underwent modifications and its cargo carrying capacity was increased last year specifically for its involvement in the

"Azeri-Central-Eastern" project. The barge's certification has been upgraded to the necessary level.

"STB-1," acknowledged as the largest barge in the Caspian Sea, boasts impressive dimensions, measuring 163 meters in length and 45 meters in width, with a remarkable carrying capacity of 18,000 tons.