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Public Consultations Board

The Public Consultations Board was established under the Chairman of ASCO and its Statut was approved under ASCOs order dated June 10, 2017 No. 131. The purpose of the establishment of the Board, as a regular advisory body under the ASCO chairman, is to discuss the impact of ASCO on the country`s economy and public life, as well as,  projects, measures, achieved economic and operational outcomes aimed at ASCO`s sustainable development and to give recommendations and proposals for the Company`s development and to  discuss problems that are faced  by ASCO`s employees, especially seafarers development and and analysis of means for optimal resolution thereof, to discuss new initiatives and to ensure participation of the public and ASCO staff, including sailors while adoption of decisions by ASCO.

The following issues may be discussed by the Board :

  • Measures relating to ensuring sustainable development of ASCO ;
  • Execution of special economic and socially important projects for the country ;
  • The results economic and operational activities of ASCO ;
  • Material and social status and working conditions of ASCO employees ;
  • Other issues that are considered to be important for the activities of ASCO.

The composition of the Board is formed by civil society institutions operating in the country, including non-governmental organizations (public associations and funds), mass media, trade unions, initiative groups of citizens, international experts and consultants, as well as ex-seafarers and current employees of ASCO who were distinguished for their special skills and experience and those who have a good reputation within the working staff.

Chairman of ASCO and Chairman of the Azerbaijan Maritime Transport Union Trade Union Committee (subject to consent) do also attend the meeting. The Board is chaired by the Chairman of ASCO.  The composition of the Board (participants / invitees) consists of 60 people (including the Chairman of the Board) and determined for each meeting. Taking into account the determined limitations regarding the number of participants, the persons concerned are invited by ASCO in advance, and if they are accepted, they are included in the list of participants.