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Ferry vessel "Dagestan" has been overhauled

Ferry vessel "Dagestan" of transportation fleet owned by “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” CJSC (ASCO) has been overhauled.

Repair works carried out at the “Zykh” Ship repair and construction yard were completed efficiently and in timely manner.

In addition to the overhaul of the main and auxiliary engines, hull welding, piping installation, electrical installation and automation works were performed on the vessel. Vessel’s mechanisms (pumps, separator, compressor) were also repaired.

On board of ferry-vessel "Dagestan" major overhaul of the command and broadcast device, speed and delay measurement device was carried out, two stationary radio station antennas (UQD) were installed, radio navigation equipment was checked and repaired.

Furthermore, the underwater and surface parts of the vessel "Dagestan", as well as the main deck, engine room and superstructure were cleaned and painted, and the crew's living and service areas were renovated to meet modern requirements.

After successfully passing sea trials, the vessel was returned to operation.