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“Zygh” dry port

The primary objective of the “Zykh” Dry Freight Port is to set up the work, operation and management of the ASCO-owned dry freight port, provide services to vessels and passengers used for commercial shipping, carry out freight operations and provide agency and other relevant port services via the subordinate structural units.

The primary activities of the LLC are the followings:

  • Set up towing operations;
  • ensure the safe navigation of ships in the port area;
  • ensure the safety of freights unloaded in the port, as well as timely and high-quality towing operations;
  • Carry out the sale of tickets for transportation of vehicles and passengers by ships owned by ASCO;
  • measure the vehicles at established prices and undertake the sale of tickets in accordance with the dimensions of the vehicles;
  • provide services and carry out works for the movement and technological collection of freight or loading of freight and (or) baggage from one vehicle to another without technological collection during international, domestic and transit transportations, including within the boundaries of the port;
  • ensure the safe operation of port infrastructure facilities;
  • ensure compliance with sanitary and fire safety requirements;
  • Compliance with the requirements of the International Code for the Protection of Ships and Port Facilities;
  • implement preventive measures to prevent environmental pollution and introduce advanced working methods;
  • provide other appropriate port services not prohibited by law;
  • set up interaction between the ship captains and local authorities (institutions);
  • give notification to relevant departments and clients on the berthing of vessels to the port;
  • arrange the supply and maintenance services for the vessel in the port;
  • represent the ship owner (freighter or a person operating the vessel for other legal reasons) in the relevant authorities and organizations;
  • execute financial tasks on behalf of the ship owner;
  • Familiarize ship captains with the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as international acts on commercial shipping and ports;
  • inform ship owners and other relevant organizations about the positioning of ships and the progress of shipping operations;
  • carry out or arrange by request the relevant services in connection with timely removal from the vessel of equipment to be repaired, and with subsequent delivery to the repair point and return back to vessel after repair.


Samir Humbatov

Contact: (012) 404-38-64 (int. 3101)

E-Mail: [email protected]