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The training center received certificate for conducting DP training for the next three years

The influential British organization “The Nautical Institute” conducted another accreditation audit at the Education and Training Center “Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy” public legal entity of “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” CSJC (ASCO).

During the audit, the Education and Training Center's compliance with standards was checked, and documents from dynamic positioning (DP) trainings conducted over the past three years were reviewed. As a result of the inspection, the Center was confirmed to be operating in accordance with standards and accreditation was issued for the next three years to provide DP training.

The audit was conducted by The Nautical Institute representative Kuldeep Singh, as well as Kasim Masud, head of the maritime transport certification department.

It should be noted that The Nautical Institute first granted accreditation for DP training to the ASCO Training Center in 2017. Thus, the accreditation for conducting the “DP Induction” and “DP Simulator” trainings was updated, and a new accreditation for the “DP Revalidation and Refresher & Competency Assessment” training was successfully implemented.

Currently, the Training Center is one of 80 centers in the world authorized to conduct DP training, and the only one in Azerbaijan.