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Сrane vessel "Atamoglan Karimov" overhauled

The overhaul works of the crane vessel "Atamoghlan Karimov" owned by the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO) has been accomplished.

During repairs carried out at the Bibiheybat shipyard, a 40-ton crane, main and auxiliary engines, windlass and tower devices, pumps, pipeline systems, and all necessary checks and repairs were carried out in automation, navigation equipment and electrical parts of the vessel.

In accordance with modern requirements, the living quarters of sailors, sanitary and domestic premises and canteens have been updated.

The ship was dry-docked, the underwater and surface parts of the hull were cleaned and painted. Damaged parts of the underwater and surface parts of the ship's hull have been replaced. In addition, the engine-steering complex, bottom and side armatures and protective devices were repaired.

Upon completion of overhaul works crane vessel "Atamoglan Karimov" underwent sea trials, which were successfully completed, and the ship returned to operation.

For information the length of the crane vessel "Atamoglan Karimov" is 63.8 meters, and the width is 15 meters. The ship is equipped with a 1520 hp engine. and develops a speed of 11.24 knots.